2013 SNORE Battle at Primm

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Scott Wisdom created the topic: 2013 SNORE Battle at Primm
There were many teams that deserved the win at BAP this year, but things went our way and we got the trophy.

On Saturday, DaveCo had a great start and took the lead. We decided to let Dave set the pace and hang a few seconds behind him and see what happens. It was fun running together on the 1st lap until Dave lost second gear. (Note to reader: Dave’s been experimenting to determine how many races a gearbox can survive without a prep. I think he punished it with something around 14 races before it tapped out.) The rest of Saturday was going smoothly until we had ignition problems on the last lap and barely made it to the finish. It got really bad on the last half lap. We lost so much power that we couldn’t make it up one of the infield jumps and had to roll back and drive around it. Brenner got by as we were struggling to cross the finish. Our car literally died 10 feet after the finish line and SNORE had to push us off the track and into post-tech area. Brenner took the win on Saturday and Chris Anderson got second. We were in third just 22 seconds behind Brenner.

The ignition problem was an easy fix and we were ready for Sunday but we had to make up time on Brenner and Anderson. Chris Anderson had a leaky main seal on Saturday so a slipping clutch held him back but apparently he got it fixed for Sunday because his motor was shockingly fast. His car smoked us all and had twenty seconds on me but they had a rollover at the hot pits on Lap 1 which put us in the lead. Brenner suffered a flat tire on Lap 2 or 3 so I just had to make it to the finish to get the win for the weekend. The course was brutal on Sunday. I ripped off a front shock tower but the little bug is tough and still made it in for the win.

My stupidest move for the weekend was when I cleared the Dike Jump on Sat Lap 1. Anyone get any pics or vid? I didn’t lift and carried way too much speed and went sailing. I thought we were going to lawn dart for sure, but got lucky and the little bug pulled off the landing. Not my proudest moment. I slowed down for the Dike Jump after that. Ha!

It was good to meet the C11C folks out at BAP. It was also great to be able to share the race with my dad Wes at shotgun. Good times for sure.

Thank you Metal Craft for the flawless motor and transmission.

Scott Wisdom
Wisdom Racing

So what’s your BAP story? Post 'em up!

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4 years 3 months ago #18744 by Gotdirty22
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My story is kind of like scotts but with slight twist (or roll). Ran well until we had issues with the clutch after the 2nd lap on saturday. Changed clutch on sat. Note to self don't run a part that no one has a tool for, we run the giant 1 7/8" gland nut and couldn't find a socket to fit. Luckily got a hold of a buddy that was on his way and had him bring one out. Sunday got bit and had the infamous semi-roll. The car was really good. It was same motor both days, and just to prove we didn't change our engine, our fast lap was on saturday, lap 2. I just built that motor after a failed attempt and very pleased with it. Just a woulda coulda shoulda weekend for us. Gotta say I love this event, as you can count on good people and comp being there. Wish we could have a full on desert race that we could all say the same thing about.

Great job to the top three. The rest of us will just have to keep workin to get there.

See you all at the next one

Chris A.


My passenger, Kayla Strait, is running for miss mint so go vote for her!
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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #18750 by 11BrosMotorsports
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First I would like to congradulate wisdom on his win and brenner on his second place finish. We started Saturday in the third row. we had a pretty decent first lap besides blowing a few corners. We had cought brenner ( who started in the second row) at mile marker 4 or 5 so we new were running a decent pace. We followed brenner all the way up until the end of the second lap when we blew the left front shock tower off. So we drove as fast as we could and ended up 4th on Saturday. Thanks to a 9 car team were able to find a welder and re weld the shock tower back together.

Sunday went pretty well the shock tower held through the whole heat and we managed to get a second place.

I would like to thank Dave cote for letting us use his chipformance engine and his exceptionally well driving on Sunday

Is anyone planning on racing the next snore race?

Tim sletten
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4 years 3 months ago #18751 by michaelbrenner
michaelbrenner replied the topic: Re: 2013 SNORE Battle at Primm
My times show my story, I went out a bit rusty but had a lot of fun going at a decent pace with few driving mistakes. My cousin Tim rode with me on Saturday, we ran through the first half of the course and I was happy that our new motor package is running nicely. Our transmission from Metalcraft shifted flawlessly all day and took me getting frisky with some double clutching on Sunday! Top speed on Saturday was 72.9 at some point. Sunday was intense, Chris, Scott and I were having a race for a bit and then I bowed out hoping they would bounce off of each other in a VW carnage extravaganza! Almost happened, check my GoPro! I was happy enough that I would go for a decent finish and need to get some more power somehow! I've had a lot of bad luck at Primm so I was pleased to get some good miles in and have some fortune come our way. Chris is fast and he was driving that car all over the place! Roberts new short course car is fast too, sick exhaust! The cars in this class have really come a long way in the last few years! Looking forward to another race!

2013 SNORE Stock Bug Champs

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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #18752 by DaveCo11
DaveCo11 replied the topic: Re: 2013 SNORE Battle at Primm
1158 and 586 race report. 1158 was running very well and took the hole shot and lead out of the infield. I was running a strong pace with Wisdom behind us with my son Jeramy telling me every 10 seconds WERE PULLING THEM! The best part of our almost lap was catching the class 8 truck and passing him into the 25mph zone! had a super fast pace down the rr road to the right hand turn into the no passing zone I caught the class 7 ranger and had to follow him down the fence line, made the right turn and pulled the 7 truck back t word the bridge and never lifted the entire way looking at the moon when I hit the stagerd woops before you made the left to run next to the road. Went over the 2 jumps and made the u turn ti head back up the sand and could see we were pulling away but easy isnt our style and just as I was about to take the right turn a fright train of class 11 cars went by in front of us heading for the bridge. We could see wisdom behind us but had pulled the entire straight that lead to the s turn threw the sand. Cleared the hot pit area and Wisom was getting smaller in the mirror but comming along, nobody else was seen, drove over the dyke jump because I have a habbit of not jumping my class 11 car. Jeramy told me he saw Wisdom in the air but WE WERE PULLING HUM for the millionth time LOL made the right turn after crossing the road and slid around the left turn and started threw the sand and noticed Scott was further back and no one else was to be seen, got threw the sand, made the right jumped the 2 jumps made the left to head for the infield section then BANG!! 2nd gear was gone and it sounded like a blender was in my trans, we pulled off and waited for Scott to go by and drove around the course to get out of there in 1st gear. I want to give a huge thank you to Scott Sabastion from Metal craft for the great trans he built me, we decided long ago to see just how far I could get one to live driving the way I do. It was race number 15 for it with some desert race wins with it as well as these short course races. There was nothing special about the trans, it had the less popular ring and pinion, all vw gears with a super diff that Scott built one afternoon out of a stock trans I brought to him. Thank you again Scott, if you want a great trans built for you I trust Scott to do it. 1158 will go into the back yard and will return to rage at the river in December and of course will return in 100 percent condition to BAP next year. No intrest in racing it in the desert again and might consider selling it. Cong rats to Scott Wisdom driving a Dave-co built car!! Good Job. 586 race report will continue tommorow
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4 years 3 months ago #18757 by Scott Wisdom
Scott Wisdom replied the topic: Re: 2013 SNORE Battle at Primm
Dave - It's great that you're able to share this passion (i.e. addiction) with your kids. You're building memories with them just like your father did with you. That's the best part by far.

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