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dingos win the 24 hour endurance

6 years 11 months ago #16274 by slim76
slim76 created the topic: dingos win the 24 hour endurance
Just wanted to say congrats to jim and the dingos on their desert win. they ovrcame some obstacles and threw down. Had a great time with all of the dingos and thanks especially for taking Harrison on his first 11 adventure after our tranny crapped out.

ba da ding ding ding ding whoa! ooh damn.

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6 years 11 months ago #16275 by ronjon
ronjon replied the topic: Re: dingos win the 24 hour endurance
We're going to get a reputation for shanghaiing people from other teams. Heston from Green Booger at Yerington and now Harrison from the recently renamed Deserts 11 (formerly known as Messer Motorsports) at The 24.

I didn't think any race could be more epic than the Master-Pull 500 when Bob Russell crossed the finish line with 20 minutes to spare after 20 hours of racing. This time, after 22 and a half hours of racing, we sent out Pepper Cote and Emme Hall at 6:30 p.m. with a trashed front torsion bar, a welded driver front side shock tower, no left front shock (which we removed with 4 inches of front beam attached to it), and no light bar. They powered across the finish line, in the dark, with three minutes to spare.

I want to congratulate Team Skittles for completing all 24 hours in their very first desert race and thank Bob and Rob for their help with wrenching and fueling, use of their welder and for chicken burritos.

Race recap here: tinyurl.com/43bha4q

Photos here: tinyurl.com/3ndk5nk

And here: tinyurl.com/3ebhllk

VORRA's doing two days of short course racing Halloween weekend if anyone's interested. A good time will be had by all.

2011 - VORRA Class Champions. 2012 - First loser.

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