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1158 race report Rage at the River

5 years 8 months ago #18402 by DaveCo11
DaveCo11 created the topic: 1158 race report Rage at the River
1158 race report Rage at the river. Decided 2 days before we would leave for laughlin with the 1600 car to bring the class 11 car because Sunoco pleaded 1000 dollars to the first finisher using there gas. So we race prepped 1158 by putting a new windshield in and changing a rear fender and calling calling it good. got to laughlin Thursday just at dark and stayed at the River Palms. RACE REPORT. Most of you know I will not bring my class 11 to a race with less than 10 cars, this race had 4 including me BUT that 1000 bucks up for grabs I took it. I was put on the back row on Saturday with the other 3 lined up with each other. My Nephew Jeff Crow was sitting next to me and off we went. After a short while we were in front and having a great time, started to hear a rattle that I thought was the transmission and it was getting LOUDER!! This was race number 12 on this trans but the sound was obviously NOT TRANS, it was comming from the engine!! I had just thought about pulling over when the rattle went away!! finished lap 1 and started out again, car was amazing, and fast! Lap 2 started out fast passing a few class 9 cars and the 5/1600 easily. Got to the down hill half way threw lap 2 when the car almost stopped itself and went onto less than 3 cylinders! But I decided to keep going! finished lap 2 still in front but knew it was a mater of time before Scott Wisdom would get by, he did so at the top of the course and was bummed to let him by but the battle of the Sunoco money was still on with Robert Johnson, he passed me at ther high school jumps heading to the finish. The whole time it sounded like a semi truck inside the car, it was LOUD. Finished close to both and went to the pit to find out what happend, The rocker arms failed and side loaded number 3 intake valve and broke it off in the open position! How I did not suck the valve is beyond me! Most know if my car has a problem I park and sit, NOT THIS TIME! We towed 1158 back to the river palms, pulled the engine, took it apart, removed the head and this is where my very good friend Brent Shermack comes into the picture, he lives in Bull Head, found me a valve, but it was a nightmare finding a spring compressor on Saturday night. Brent made no less than 7 trips back and forth trying to make the valve work, we finally used a hand drill and drilled the guide out to make it work!! All this work to race against 3 cars!! Silly, anyway by 2 am 1158 fired up, WITH A TERRIBLE MISS!!! The 17th century spring compressor had smashed the spark plug closed, so at 6am we went to pull the plugs and found the smashed plug(NOT EASY ON 1158) We still had to weld the skid plate mount on and put the plates back on but she was running like she should and some did not look happy about it! Lined up on the front row with Robert and the other car(cant remember his name) and motored away, I was on a mission to make the time lost and to snatch the grand from defeat! According to Snore I almost won the event but took 2nd by 8 seconds. Pretty close, but it was first finisher using the gas so the work we put in was worth it and we earned it. I have to give a huge Thank You to Brent Shermack, a true friend with out him we would have been dead in the water, that is what friendship is all about, lets do it was all he would say!! My son Jeramey was a huge help along with my nephew Jeff, my girl Alisa with out them we couldn't have made it, my son Robby and Harley and a huge thanks to my Wife Kristine, that is what Dave-co stands for, family and friends! Also want to thank Scott Sebastion from Metal craft for building me a indestructible trans, 12 races on this trans and still working perfect, I drove hard on Sunday, the last lap was unreal. If you want a great trans Scott should be the first and only one you call!! 1158 is battered, lost 2 fenders passing the 5/1600, but will survive! BAP is next

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5 years 8 months ago #18403 by M.E.A.D. Racing
M.E.A.D. Racing replied the topic: Re: 1158 race report Rage at the River
thanks for posting,
I love reading the race stories. :)

Chuck Mead
M.E.A.D. Racing

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5 years 8 months ago #18406 by DirtDgr
DirtDgr replied the topic: Re: 1158 race report Rage at the River
Congratulations on the money winning!

I got to watch it live on the computer. That was cool.

Thank You Lakeport Tire, Rugged Radios, Baja Designs, Sunoco, Two Larry's Racing

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5 years 8 months ago #18409 by bugged
bugged replied the topic: Re: 1158 race report Rage at the River
Congrats to Wisdom and Dave Co, you both hauled the mail.


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