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Proper Introduction, another Texan

7 years 1 month ago #16031 by ffdfrontman
ffdfrontman created the topic: Proper Introduction, another Texan
Hey guys I felt the need to introduce myself.

I'm Jereme, I live in College Station, Texas (Home of Texas A&M) I work in Houston and commute everyday 96 miles 1 way in a VW TDI Jetta Sportwagen. I use to run an 11 car for about 2 years off an on then decided to marry the girl of my dreams and made a deal with her I would put a couple hobbies aside until we got settled. We are for the most part settled down, she is a month away from Graduating Vet School at A&M (been a LOOOONG road). Also I hung up the 11 car keys because I was the only one supporting it, driving it, etc all my "friends" at the time bailed out and I keep the passion to race. By myself again it will take me about a year or longer to get a car ready. I might try to buy a used car once one goes up for sale. Def. cheaper to buy and repair than it is to build from scratch. Also most the shells out here are becoming rust buckets I've seen for sale. I checked out my old car the other day It is TOO FAR GONE as a result of Hurricane IKE. It sat in about 4 feet of saltwater south of Houston for almost 2 full weeks. here is my butt.... insert kick/boot here. We honestly didn't think it was going to hit us like it did.

Given the logistical nightmare, cost, support, a drinking buddy etc. If you are in Texas within an hour or 2 and already working on something and or wanna join forces and start from scratch as a team I am very open to any and all options. I do this cause it is fun and wouldn't mind sharing that with someone who feels the same. There are a lot of people in my area, family and friends who cannot quite grasp the concept of how much, how far, etc no matter how much I tell them it is worth it.

I wont have a car ready for the 1000 this year but I would LOVE to have an opportunity to help any of you guys out, chase, pit, run, cheerleader, codog, drive, financial support, etc. As long as someone can pick me up from an airport nearest to them and point me where the bed, cot, floor, backseat and/or shitter is and I am self sufficient from there.


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