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Daily Driver Class 11

5 years 2 months ago #18973 by michaelbrenner
michaelbrenner created the topic: Daily Driver Class 11
Many of you know I Heart Class 11 and have been racing for a few years. I have noticed how fast these cars can be and how many of us race fully prepared vehicles with full-tilt high compression motors, long bodied shocks with elaborate reservoir systems, custom fuel cells, fresh air pumpers, GPS', no glass or interior and terrible body work!

DaveCo and Dennis have been around long enough to remember when Class 11 was a street car converted to racing use by making more subtle changes.

I am trying to build up a street driven, daily driver type of car as my 'Friday' driver!

I'm calling on guys who have hordes of VW parts laying around from a full-race car build.....I need your parts to complete my shell of a car! I need the following:

All Glass
Steering column (as complete as possible)
Dash knobs and cables
Rear Seat
Stock tank for a '71 (fuel filler door on passenger side)
Vent parts
Wiper parts
Old style oil cooler (to mount above rear window)
Bilstein or Fox shocks without reservoirs (rear stock 5" stroke)

Here's the carrot..... I will be building this car and documenting it on this site.

I will do a beam build, rear arms, rear stops, cage, seat mounts, and all the other countless mods we do to our race car as applicable.

My aim is to have a really nice, full interior, street driver with a low compression race legal motor and trans. Think 80's style Class 11!

Who wants to help a brother out? I'm thinking Beige.......

2013 & 2017 SNORE Stock Bug Champs

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5 years 2 months ago #18975 by patrickcn
patrickcn replied the topic: Re: Daily Driver Class 11
I'm going to check out a lead on a guy who supposedly has a "stock pile"of vdub parts this weekend. Don't know how true this lead is or what he's got but I'll look for parts.

The wife wants me to paint one white with black markings (cow design) crazy huh.

If it aint broke, you aren't riding hard enough!

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