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roll cage tubing requirements

9 years 4 months ago #9489 by Teutonic4me
Teutonic4me created the topic: roll cage tubing requirements
Tell me a question Class 11 gurus......In building a cage for my 11, I know that DaveCo and others related the use of .095 X 1 1/2 mild steel or DOM or even CrMo. All the car build pix I have seen posted use round for everything and smaller diameters for bracing and such. My question is this...Is it permissible to use SQUARE tubing for the pan runners that tie front and rear with round for all the down tubes? I have seen car chassis cages in other sports and they have square for the frame supports with round tube as the skeleton. The square has great load bearing in it's applications and I understand that round has radial load bearing in it's use. Any thoughts or directions from the braintrust??

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9 years 4 months ago #9491 by DaveCo11
DaveCo11 replied the topic: Re:roll cage tubing requirements
The answer to this question is yes but raises another question, \"WHY\" The cage requirement is really very few tubes that need to be 095 round. But I would not use square tubing from the torsion to the beam. or anywhere else except maybe seat mounts or gas tank mounts. I would not use it for any structure strength

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