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Class 11s at the 2018 Mint 400

7 months 6 days ago - 7 months 5 days ago #21620 by ronjon
ronjon created the topic: Class 11s at the 2018 Mint 400

Hey all,

For the fourth year running, the Martelli Brothers, who own the Mint 400, and Best in the Desert have set aside slots for Class 11s. They are strong supporters of old school racing and, as they have in the past, are making a special deal for Class 11 teams.

The entry fee for Class 11s is $1000 and they are including two nights comped at a room at Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino in Jean out near the start line. I suspect we will be getting space on Contingency Row if you want to put up a display to support your sponsors. As with past years, we will be doing two laps of the 100 mile course. Because we are a Limited Class, we have to be done with racing before the Unlimited vehicles start.

When registration for the Mint opens, you will have to move quickly, as we expect a big turnout for the 50th Anniversary of the race. We’ve had a couple of teams lollygag and they didn’t get to race because all the slots were filled. (If we don’t reserve them, they go to other classes, like those shifty-looking UTV people.)

If you or someone you love is interested in racing the Mint, you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Here’s a quickie FAQ based on what I’ve been asked in the past…

Q. When is the race?

A. Race week is March 7-11. Race is Saturday, March 10.

Q. Can I keep my 11XX number?

A. Best in the Desert already has a Class 11 and it’s not us. We’ll be 51XX, so you need to prepare new number plates.


A. Yes, in some past Mint 400s, Class 11s did all 400 miles. But I’m (still) writing the first book on the history of the Mint and, point of fact, sometimes Class 11s did all 400 miles, some years they did less. Some years they didn’t even have Class 11. For 2018, it's two laps. Turn that frown upside down.

Q. What days are the hotel room for?

A. They are for Friday and Saturday night. The race is on Saturday.

Q. But what if I want to get there earlier?

A. You can, if you reserve in advance, pay for the room for whatever extra days you want.

Q. Can I get in the parade?

A. I can probably hook you up, but you need to be in Vegas by Wednesday morning of Race Week at the latest and you have to tell me way in advance because participation is capped at something like 100 vehicles and it’s first come, first served.

Q. Can I lead the parade? (Seriously, someone asked me this).

A. Yeah, no.

Q. What rule book are you using?

A. If you are a SCORE-tagged car, you should be good to go.

Q. What’s the prize money?

A. I don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Q. Who is signed up so far?

A. Robert Johnson, Scott Weir (5156), Jereme Wade Robinson, Jorge Ventura (5181), Mauro Diaz (5106), Scott Small (5150), Alex Rivas (5149), Julie Boyer (5100), Robert Wolfe (5199), Andy McClanahan (5169) and Cisco Bio (5118).

Q. What can I do to ensure I get an automatic rear start?

A. Attach a concert rider that includes M&Ms, deli plates and Fiji Water with your application (Dave Bolles). Keep changing the name on your hotel reservation (Robert Johnson). Asking if you can have the number 5100 when you didn’t actually win last year (You know who you are).

Q. Are you ever going to buy me that McDonalds meal you owe me because you lost that bet?

A. Yes, Dave Hendrickson. This year for sure.

2011 - VORRA Class Champions. 2012 - First loser.
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